5 Ways to Max Out your Indoor Cycling Sessions

The recent rise in the “cult following” of SoulCycle has shown us time and time again the incredible emotional, physical, and mental benefits cycling provides. To get the most out of your indoor cycling sweat session, follow these 5 tips!

1. Find the Right Spin Master

Jennifer Alemany wrote about her experience losing 50 pounds with SoulCycle, attributing much of her success to her spin guru, Joey Coppedge. Her journey was not just one of weight loss, but a journey in finding herself again after losing her mother and separating from her long-term partner of 15 years.

“After meeting Joey…I had a feeling he would be the one to get me through. I love his music, his pace, and his inspirational mantras in class. I started to see hope, change my frame of mind, and slowly put my heart back together…I ride with him exclusively, reaching over 200 classes…I was determined to complete each challenge and raise my bar each time.”

Never underestimate the power of a good trainer. The right trainer will raise you up, not squash you down. He/she will instill confidence and determination in his/her students. Keep looking until you find the right one!

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2. Gear Up

There is nothing more distracting during a workout than snagging pants or dying of thirst. You need to gear up! Invest in tight-fitting, sweat-wicking workout gear and a large and easy-to-handle water bottle so that you can give total focus to the hurts-so-good burn. Bring a towel as well to keep the sweat getting in your eyes at least.

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3. Ditch the Distractions

Stop thinking about the perfect selfie opportunity your workout presents. Make this one (and every workout) JUST for you. No Instagram, no Twitter, no Snapchat. Put away your phone—out of sight, out of mind.

When you are cycling, you are not competing with your next-door-neighbor—you are competing with your best self, not selfie.

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4. P-Push It Good (Baby want back)

Pardon the heavy 80’s jams references, but one can not forget the benefits for the backside when go all out in your spin workout.

In an article by Rebecca Lambert, “Six Reasons You (and Your Butt) Will Love Cycling Workouts,” she talks about the benefits cycling brings to your keister. She explains that during a cycling workout, you engage your gluteus maximus muscles throughout the entire workout.

She describes that the mix of peaks, flat riding, time trials and interval training are all cleverly designed to push you further and maximize results.

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5. Help Your Body Heal

Anyone who has completed an indoor cycling class knows that you’re sure to get a sweet, torturous sweat session. The trainer will push you to your limit, and make you cry for your mama. Most assuredly, you will feel it in your muscles for days following the class.

So, what are you to do when you want nothing more than to hop back on your favorite stationery torture device, but you can barely lift your leg? Give your body a healing boost with Cryotherapy.

If you’ve been living under a rock, you might have missed the news on cryotherapy. It’s the hottest (or, coldest) new trend to hit the muscle-recovery scene. Cryotherapy uses extremely low temperatures to quickly heal muscles to get you back on that two-wheeled horse. But the health benefits of cryotherapy don’t stop there. Cryotherapy can reduce pain, muscle spasms, and swelling, swiftly reversing any damage that might have been caused by an intense work-out or activity.

Stop just showing up and hiding out in the back corner (we see you over there coasting). With these clutch tips, you can spin your way to a healthier you. Bring your whole self to every indoor cycling session and reap the benefits in every area of your daily life!